Wednesday 9 August 2023

memory. Zen or just its all ok Jack

 ahh drifting off last night..

" i maybe wrote 500/mbs... i know i did....probably.."

A last long day... 

and a nap

No notes. 

Awake to " i know i wrote that i do not even need to check and reread my waffle... looks daft 400mbs when it's 400 500 kbs... and they lie about that... 10mb / minute upload if you are lucks... the most terrible top of voices racket today about medical complaints, telly....  from the people paqid to keep it quiet...i have had enough. I cannot ever again go back...and of course if someone even hinted someone thinks they are wrong (as i enjoyed telling Karen of Ludlow library to her ear 3 or 4 weeks ago..who being one of the few left semi-human she sort of didn't disagree... )

Anyone else  - we did after all spend half the winter semi-smouldering via glances.. but then i would never chat up a wedding ring anyway I am taken..

FF today, her again...the smell... AUTHENTICTY = soon or maybe tomorrow..

Anyway to work work...something needs to HAPPEN to stop me just splurging all...