Tuesday 8 August 2023




in case by accident  end up in Countess of Chester hospital and 30 year SRN there,  first true love, D**** is still on duty, and hasnt kicked her 35 year seriously very vontinual chronic  whacky baccy habit, she doesnt show on her fakebook addiction ( " oh woe is me  i have to censor myself...at keast tgey never urine test us we are above all that" at her kitchen table 5 yrs ago her friendly woman hardstuff sweetie 

 drugdealer partaking in fruit tea, to)... and forgetts to tell her juniors so stoned on REALLY strong stuff " letting patients get loads of sleep  ... no clanging, no top of voice joking all night....is key to their...recovery.."

errata any whorespittle....

the cliffs safer

espesh when said 30 year SRN actually really melodramatically and visciously.... scowls to her gathered sons " horrid man...comes here for weekend...and rather than stay with me drugging myself to eyeballs in kitchen all weekend..and complaining of not so good legstrength.....actually goes for a walk in our  hills just out of  back gate... bloody creep" [ sic]


of course she will have retired on ex gratia help for geroines crowdfund cash no doubt

and writing memoirs of 30 years being Florence N G.

so she can affird the private  new hips required after all those decades not...walking