Tuesday 8 August 2023

 thats it!

hahhh hahhh...on death cliff edge... which gear?

pissoir aint good'nuff for you, then at least  be a gent and bring yer own Potty, 'Arry.....or is it...et


PLEASE DO NOTE...context: an audio a week ago ish...
on how to really frame things like Douglas Murray ( my hero  for reasons given in audio, but he  - his far too acerbic fighting talk....wont work)
Hay-on-Wye - far better described as East Powys, where the schooling and society is by and large appalling with very stone age attitudes to sex...ism... and everything else. Set your clocks back 100 years...
EXTREME..racism...and generally lots of bullyboyisms...( great example i knew well wife of one local large employer - advised her of very very rumpus causing divorce case early 10s.....he demanded that two kids were separated on divorce... he keeps the boy...she he girl..of no interest to him..if i added another word to that he  would be seen as truly evil..but identify her and them...and he would probably have me killed... never mind cause issues for he seperated t****)

As per audio,  Bully boy land... i pitched up tenting in he hills 28 years ago... it so happened April Ashley lived here... months later someone mentioned...first time i ever heard of first ever trans whatever..

And not once...NEVER...in a land of the worst backward boozy bigotry... did i ever hear a local pissed up thuggery type ever say " oooh that April... it gets on my nerves, lets.."





exactly as i was and should have remained.... everyone went to see genius greatest ever tranny in history Tim Curry acting the tranny...

I am privileged my arty parents took me to the Chelsea show when it was running...  and the greatest of art almost ever

talent is talent.... and despite being as red blooded as they come...a bitof Tim in tights almost gets even  me  wondering... 

i even often put this on at home with a 5 year old around as pure genius...culture

further in audio please do pile on.... but make sure you pile on all of it....