Thursday 24 August 2023


 time only, now

curious that compulsive disorder every younger radio4chan journo and civic society commentariat seemed to have 7 or 8 years ago as must say buzzword

is over at last!


 all they could ever do was perform

i believe in my words

and now i have some space to sort and curate

a timeline

some faces

and fake places

and many an audio interview

it is time to settle

but mindfulness and living in the 'now' means being YOUNG..

is:i never ever know what the day may bring....

it can always, be absolutely anything from plan a b or c...

and i seek no human interaction ever, but for one

she, not sought, ... a few weeks ago liked it when i said " be...above all nimble.... and aside"

she koved the n word

maybe it needs to be

nimble the  movie

 infact is what i have lived in for about 3 years

keeps you young all that... and i dont need to be kept 'young' i only like ikder real spirited wisdom...

all else bullshit

 ANYthing can happen even in my absurdly aside and humble happy  life

i dont get it hahh hahh



as that . ...  monday choice, never happened before