Thursday 24 August 2023

now... yesterday, her creek it did end.....

the truly symbolic end of times conversation with the relatively  wonderful Northern couple...

and he... a cancer ' survivor', shirt off,  like me ...always if the sun.... gave me

" one must face total destruction [ or 'anhailation',  two versions he related to me in one convo.. 20 years of my time available being destructicated by the smiley bullshit hustlers and their schemes i have no time to google anything hahh hahh]] many times to discover what is truly indestructable"

interspersed with

" buddhist"

buddhists kill people by making them dress in too much clothing

( go to south america or subsaharan africa, most women quite happy to dress in sexy shorts and sweaty vests...all day...and the men got more brains than to wear stupid fancy 'rekigious' uniforms)

saudi women ...and ALL bejabbed babes   die young due vit d deficiency

a scientific fact

( even my beloved proposed-to,  famous ..Alexandra hero refugee queen of Belgium her and real queen,  would not suport the bravest wimmin on planet ...those iranians ... its in a pod broadcast episode few weeks ago..i disown even her! i implored her a year ago get her babes if tge brussels bourgeois Guardian reader class out on the street in solidarity!... nipe her facebook she was addicted to just became a marketplace for trinkets and chwmicals called perfumes...having spent 20 years as queen of sicial justice and 'sustainable' fashion... i withdraw all 500 ish  marriage to her passport demands!)

uv makes you LIVE longer


scientific fact

all peoples who have body neurosis-  Buddies included, and require body covering in non warm weather are  genocideres 

objective reasonable factual statement

all uks must trendily throw in " eastern thought"

the serb thankfully never did .. at least not poisoned by tgat shit

ask a war prisoner of the Japs how zen they were treated 

or Ronald Searle...

why his art so maniacal ...( his nightmares ref jap pow treatment)