Sunday 6 August 2023

early post today


 but the context.... full

one day

10..certainly 7 years

environmental IST...

connecting online



to make a REAL

dufference just maybe hope

whitey women flooded the whole thing...brit ones first

with self pitying false spiritualfearful inhuman crap

herding people online

overwhelmed real actualvlocal polutical action needed to save her shitty creek


and i watched and noticed

it becomibg the real problem

i never blame money, power, business politicians.

it is only how they...the fakes of the soul selling


 alowed all to become divided

and tnus


a true "warrior" she would know this

and be part of the " change"

rather than fight him who kindly wishes to at least not avoid...reality

because their inauthenticity...

the purveyors of pop soul crap

hurts them