Sunday 6 August 2023

HAPPY sundays

 all over...all real words under way...forget for now...and FIX

fixing day..

years that was my routine...a few hrs sunday afternoon get the stuff out needs fixin !!

bliss fuck em all...and who cares about the TP and PKs ...i did my bit

they won

know when the other lot win is the only key to life i know...

But be clear... they ONLY won by smuggit PR..

... oops this shouldnt be last a fabulous new inland pathway... its paradise here !!! just  7 or 8 km from the Tom-Paul and Polly place (main one Gwerk)

They ONLY won by PR...

And guess what i got unchangeable laws changed and ... some useful writing into the actual historical books albeit a dull little corner...ONLY by good PR...

true PR..
on not one inherited penny
not one university inputted bit of knowledge
not one penny to spare years alone with kid in very hilltop shabby circs

But i like fixing stuff more than bothering with PR i can be... very good at..

if i had a person worth doing her PR for her...

 which of course can never Be
 as as if pure wasteland poetry
they..TP PK and the younger gang
heard this morning lugging their trees
for PR radio free
(to them)
did in fact destroy real community
And any fine mind
UK HAGUE! kind of find mind
can only defer ..deference
to her.. and he
(except they dont know equality,
 its only ever in the end game