Saturday 26 August 2023

" environmentalism"

 about 95% of the STUFF

the raw materials

the wood


the stuff that needs NOT

 chuckin in a skip

reduce reuse recycling

is in the countryside... 

on the land

well if a woman 

can quite rightly

be an unquestionable


 as a welder

never mind dancer

why can no woman

 ( except one i knew.. 

a lifetime ago)

ever help properly 



in the lands

a magnificent movie

 about morality

 and authenticity

but not even a hint of any 

qurmestion the

the 'feminine' welder

 aint as absolutely

 equal as her bloke 


and all i ever hear from 

intelectuals ( the one left) 

 is " men are having a raw deal 

wirh all those false

 alegations and everything else"

etrata, women are giving THEMSELVES the raw deal.

cos good hard mindful real work 


is the BEST remedy ever

 ( to their mental illnesses)


to a lifetime of it all going backwards, and their self pitying bullshit

the WELDER song

but us rural  blokes now all die of

 loneliness ( i see it on so many faces... )

no 'community'

those prostituting that word for fakebook

are in reality killers


and very thick...

the safest men are not lonely... socialised

by having their equals, working equally with them

not off on a jog at the drop of a hat, 

not off to yoga    

( both proving equality in bodily resilience)

 but doing the ferkin work to

keep the ship shape

nope.... eras end...

even if i think that one may well be  an epoch- since humanity began