Saturday 26 August 2023

i didnt know


Mrs bimbo

and her inability to communicate except in bimbo lingo

few summers ago

needed an equal

hard work.... for an old lady

dangerous liar manipulator liar manipulator liar... playing the 'pity' card 

such a superb act she even 2019 had me fooled

" oh you poor old poor thing...i will tend your [ to become]  illicitgirlsridingclub lands half the going rate" 

two years later we discover 200 grand in her bank


stealing a working man's time

and kindness

 is theft

two years later discovering her true lies and avarice ( she just archetype, one of many)... 


as i am providing her anti suicide community care . .. 

but thats not the thing

even Sweats...( friend)

as officially

 ( according to her business card)

she as

strong as me...

she too

wriggles out of doing the fuckin work...

me working  .

for her kids' 

enjoyment of the lands

for free


i didnt know

 i did in fact have one more onion skin layer ..

 to be free from....

avoiding saying .. 


equally football player worldwide valued as strong and balanced!! and insightful and fast brained and able to orotect thensekves from rampaging otger runners wanna see them underperform...


so why for 30 years will no woman ( of 100s known!)ever ever ever ever ever do her  fair share of the rural work, jobs AND learn to fix the tools, sheds,  even electrics.... boats.. cars... that continually break leaving us blokes frankly only to disrespect them

 and treat them


especially when an intelectual like me knows the science says they are biologically 

no fuckin different

ask Heather Hayling Dark Horse pod...

ask any child:

THE ...[ all in caps like most women tragically ive known its an extra finger to lift to capitalise i cant be bovvad any more]... countryside, otherwise known as not towns and cities area...90% of the cuntry

IS ....  work.... tending keeping at bay...


protecting some of it

... work lots of it tough hard... GREAT for the soul  for real...

but i  only ever met  about 1% of women coming to live nature,  all of whom rightly bleat 'equality', ever act as equals in ...the land

the land is FIXING stuff...!!

bust stuff

they can sew...( i Be ironic, sardonique) 

so why cant they ever help fix the other stuff ... 99% of which is needed just to live in the land