Wednesday 9 August 2023

I am not perfect

POST not ready til 1400 - stuff building in

and VIDS STILL uploading..not ready yet

audios may not work for half an hour while...something? happens at their end

and several important hand written things still to do - AUHENTICITY define - from 16 days ago, and her question - the brown lady .. "why"? 

i don't have butterflyitis unlike everyone else (i saw a lovely one in Cornish tin in a shop today.....she madame precious metals purveyor likes me, we have great chats about history - he REAL version not tourist myths as all of Wales parasitizes for years (a NEW friend yesterday she ...knows as she was associated with it...and how THAT corrupts she spat out - nice looking woman who one would see at say Hay Festival... "very very VERY...racist, sexist mysoginist .. extremely violent.. bigots... spreading myth... they are sweeties only ever abused by English... does them no good.)

if anyone wishes to genuinely follow all themes and for some reason some file is missing or not working then i am ralphschism [at  ] gmail  com though text / whatsap i prefer...  07958 526 three eight 1...

please note except once for about 10 seconds a couple of week ago, and i fessed up to doing i ever, ever,    for years, push the pause button while recording anything  using any kind of electronic device in any format, or EVER plan - rarely when planning i forget plan and go off new tangent..and stay there;  or ever ever do take 2...ALL my digital creation is pristine with no deletions (files eg audio files in sequence all still on devices and 3 backups..)  -  

A few hours after audio chapter (yesterday)  on the MOST precious personal items....the so ruling almost all minds and society...

 almost as if the fairies were ganging up to give it to me... show me to be wrong...

And i do know i am in the wrong mode....

for now; 

meaning all use of technology and the like  for more than a few hours a day - ideally early on,  simply dulls the senses - the REAL ones that are a joy to find joy in: smell,  and even some emotion. In that had i been more in he real moment, in my many year 'normal' mode - only using machinery at most a few hours and ideally never after mid morning, and only in digital communication with ONE meaningful person... as if there or four its ALWAYS a confusing disaster... relative to how we used to be able to keep kindly themes ongoing with our equals..(of attitude, humanism, wisdom..) - most were as most have the same basic sense of right, wrong, and who the greedy are and how it harms THEM as much as anyone else...


so 'scandale'.... so unineresting, except that

I had forgotten the ULIMATE Tom Paul....i knew very very well - as did his lovely humble secretary then as it became, 'PA', Cathy... (my my what a mind i even remembered after making the audio chapter off the cuff after today awaking "no more...i dont enjoy his really and it is for no purpose.." ten mins later off we go.... an hour ago remembering her hubby called Carl)

I shouldn't imagine Cathy would have been at the funeral.... him - the 'first' of a breed... who treated his loyal - absurdly loyal lovely Cathy found out 4 or 5 years later...with such contempt it hurt her for years...and all he others 

Raconteur who wrestled to keep Foyles in the family

The chairman of the famous bookshop had to buy the business back after his aunt left everything to charity

..i am quite sure he didnt raconteur how he alone almost created in certain ways modern distrust and cynical businrss practice that hurt all his staff... over a long period.

As described here - but the very very best bodily zen for the 50+ year too.

Purpose book 2 chapter 3 "scandale .[French accent]." and fundamental most bodily functions in ultra simple mode

plus The Cure: "rapists!!! rapists..!"  screamed Bananarama as they ran into my arms in Schipol Airport late at night one night - my first ever people job...  blessem a bit tongue -n-cheek said Cure too pissed to get it up.... but a GA pilot has to deal with their piss - my job...

and... THE BEST of all bodily zen next one 

tags: PUBLISHER DARE YOU BITE THE HAND THAT... installs  LARGE ARRAYS OF secret surveillance kit on his LOVING 'family'  ...and feeds you?


Purpose. book 2 chapter 4 - THE 'GIFT' to any who may decry so 'cut back' there is only one thing that matters. And contempt? it doesn't even hurt or get in the way..