Sunday 27 August 2023

I am the weirdo...

 So a week - not a week, just a few days.... of 7 days

I have many far more arty farty series but this one ..i like.

Start the week. Just a  week ago....

unicorn city

the aesthetic - i don't pick on folk...(even in Shitcreek city of..unicorn farmers - Tom Paul Polly the con one and all)
but if i did the most chavvy aesthetic of all never mind the ....ehhh.... wearing a robe in summer... the thing... The Green party wont dare even mention...never mind the ugliness. 

If i could be bothered the montage of THE most expensive bags in the world - young bags must have 'Dubai Towers' or the like... older ones it gets more complex... 

I thought this free zillipix camera was good ! 
the word "dubai" 
is most prominent in real life
hardly visible by zoom
they all hide behind

Anyway all that matters, all my life i have had this on board... passed down by Ralph...
And sometimes, just like that, out of the blue 
 its needed
 to save a soul...
from itself
as usual
nothing personal i just dont understand modern folk
seem to only thrive on chaos turmoil and melodrama
even when they say they havent a telly either


But i know ... and nothing is ever ever personal - the idea of checking the weather a few days ahead so as to dry out reusable panels in the sun...

is simply BEYOND anyone i have met for decades...

" David...[extremely Cambridge ed ultra green scientist  why did i waste 7 years of my life on him?! ...who as usual  for all Greens is terrified of people]..Dont blame politicians...blame US first..." 

nope no green can understand simplest humanist fact  

" matter what the people are up to....dry out the raw materials... plan where the sun is.... ALWAYS"

"ALWAYS" - all sorts of underclass fun and games may have occurred between each shot....
NEVER take their sick madness ever to heart...ever

Nope no one can do so - follow simple liferules that obviously work as i am the fittest and most nimble....
 old goat by far only person able to do this...among many youngers......
me the weirdo


And environmentalism is i wouldnt even go anywhere near the underclasses washing lines... or washing machines... round here never know what drugs they forgot were in the pockets and may get on your undies ...

I know where my HANDwashing is best done and best dried after being...

useful to whom i know not as i know NO ONE ever knows what they ...need or...want...ever 

the zen of handwashing....
AND...most important of all ...MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!! as if it cleans out of your system their mucky systems theyll never clean 
 cos all of em lost it years ago the simplest instruction book that always works...and there is no 'individual'.... most humans are exactly the same if they treat their bods and minds fairly ok most of the time...
 but the version of 'right' they pimp is not the right version of 'right' - get up most of the time with the light...
sleep tight most of the time...
nope not even those simplest non fanatical guides  can be listened to any more


but even she laughed yesterday 

"lasternight i was wandering after a hard day and... they even have nappies for puppies now..."


This morn

There are new commandments
Post about '21

The more expensive the harness.
The more intent the owners are
In putting their bloody beasts absolute 'look at ME!' centre of their morning
The more barky beserk they go when some other nice doggie comes by

I encounter NO ONE ever who is at peace
Must be my fault
According to ..... her i guess.

And all dogs bark for a reason.... their owners fuck them off...

so time to fuck off

Because this time ... (five years ago " i never ever ever want to even be on the same hill as someone with problems...its so utterly boring....") .. i gotta keep to  it