Saturday 26 August 2023

i didnt know i was

 still in a divine comedy...

2 years ago fat female Nazis ... tried to destroy my reputation ( i have all the tapes  ..this is nazi)

13 years ago my daufhter was youngest ever judge at a British Ferret  ckub wirld suoreme chanpionship...invited to be a judge havibf day before fucked all tge smug fat Northerners up their backsides with best in show Southern ferrets scandal ( double- best youngster cup and best best fuzxie cup)

 nadty snide bitch ( i had never met ( plays ganes wants to ' borrow' my last remaining 2 fuzzies   )

i could sense when she arrived...problem....

weird fuzzy town fattie ..

played it lerfectly pilitely...

( "new nice home to go to soon on farm in hills")

few days later  RSPCA man arrives      

" ohh hi.    do you want to see the box of cups i still have, best looked after animals in the country"

with exactly 5 minutes decenber 2021 he is beggibg me would i be tge RSPCA ferret rescue expert for Herefordshire

" we get more and more makucious reports.. "

a week or so later they put on their underclass facebook pictures saying ... mistreated beasts and...i bit the head  off one of my loving pair   

 which cauaed 4 or 5  people to  stop me  and be very nadty to me.   

they dont kbow yet about the invitation to be RSPCA  volunteer officer

anyone else would have used as evidence in a slander trial for a ton of fuckin damages 

nope...i jeep that tale as ....comedy  

" no thanks mate ..even round here Herefordshire ..Powys. .its so evil ...  i wish not yo have much to do wuth anyone in tjis fetid swamo if a land,any more...even to protect their animals...".

and,wgmhat dyer know... designer sunglass clad smiley supermmmmmmmodel attired woman ..on the dangerous dump of a camp dangerous wiring...danger to humans.... .. [ its always women who do this] ...truly always  the same game( nothing to do with me i have a firewall between me and all Engkish tbey are alk list and dangerous and onky a fool thinks otherwise...wouldnt fuck one for all the housebots in supermodel Gweek)

" fine hedghog sir ..  and  i shall put that  tip in my notes, thank you for telling me sir. .600 grammes before winter long nap.... i didnt know that.. "