Saturday 26 August 2023

the sting..

 ...if i die today of boredom....

every single one of the other 50% of the population has some 'self awareness' fuckin bullshit excuse of why they must be alone... 

rather than share resources ( vehicle insurance said to have risen 20% in last year never mind two per woodburner)

even official gov stats a few months ago quantified they admit 20% ish single lerson premium...for all of life, lie its nearer 40%...i am perfect at home economics..

cost of living alone as every 50+ year old born again virgin  ferkin life coach demands they self actualise

the real sting is i have known very well a few... the hens teeth....

who can do and enjoy that extremely time consuming work....just as well as 

(there are no) 'men and women....'

nust jobs to do

if you live in the


tales to tell 


but i wish it all to be of loetical beauty

tough one when were dealing with total eco destruction

and tge TRUE reasons

( they always blame....someone else...some corporatuon or pilitician rather than londee their actions...or skiving, lack of) but there we go

i know that 99% are not fact.

because ive known a few of the 1%...  who prove  it is not

and their smiles...and bright eyes and upright posture....

...guess what...are real

and thats  the film i wanted to make 10 years ago...

as example....

how to be actually properly fit and beautiful....and ulyra sexy, for real

the few... that 1%

though i think its even down to 0.5% nowadays  post 2020 hysteria. .


but its time for another fact. 

they...sort of lack esteem when it comes to that- displaying actual health and beauty....( i have even been told by the 1%..and always sense it)

not because of some corporation or even ... boss at work....

because of the nasty snide bullying fuckin apocolyose prejudiced  behaviour of their 'own' fair sex.   

i have seen writ large so many times

Eywood Claire a decade ago... etc etc etc.... yesterday just anotger por bullied woman...picked on fir not buying in to their whatever it is....etc

stop blaming men for a country of .... i shant use the b word thats not nice