Friday 18 August 2023

i forgot...

 maybe the number one life advice thing....

if at seventeen you know the 'truth'. . even if its impossible to know any truth about 'love'...

if at seventeen you know all that 'truth'....

you ( pl) know...

you are an island.


even, partially 'orphan'

and you ARE that. You Be..




Thats who you are no matter what pretence or even motherhood or success comes....or years of fake "community"

An island at that age, is an island...for life. 

Truth  the soil under your  feet that grounds you.... your dancefloor.

And never even think for a second you can Be 

anyone else.... 

the Miss Take

 all us islands,


and listen to the great poetry

and do better

its amazing

one can

better ...

even, genius

its transitory 

 of its time

and things


but not islands


( what a great pro EU line ...spontabeoys, copyright....if only i had thought of that 5 years ago..." even drug dealers in EU still have honour... wont enjoy pervertedly selling you dodgy stuff as seemingly so many in tjis sceptic aisle do tvese days ........ thats why WE need EU peeps ... even more than ever....for their honourable drug dealers! ..."

the definition of honourable utilitarianism

i cant change the gatesposts..  but at least   can make real world  actual sane useful suggestions on future rhetoric if there ever is another 'day' and what paint to daub on the wall... theyve built... as sure as   .... ferrit #1... will never be  reunited with me

so be it