Tuesday 8 August 2023

if i die tonight

 THE one best bodily ...real bodily... truly embodied, true simple living benefit of all, by far.....true ultrahealth THEMIX... gains, from super simple existence.. 

At last i am  getting on with it!

in broadcast now..and vid

broadcast goes with vid!

click  link to latest chapt on simple mode benefits REAL ones

plus uk parenting so awful kids are not even taught THE most important lifesving thing living rurally...two 25 year old women i taught today ...and they thanked me


. Book 2 chapter 2. SIMPLE LIFE true benefits and stories begineth


hardly any polemic woven in except why all media and gatekeepers ( to promotion / monetisation of thought) are so awful and wont want to have anything to do with me, and its mutual... ( unless they pay £ 1000 A day for a workshop so i can train then not to be... poor them..or i shant yollerate their nerviness ( listen to chapter 2). all fees after basic expenses paid in to a library fund  maybe at dump little smelly creek town as the Tom Pauls maybe could do with some good books to help them 

......not being.... themselves.... Hesse a good start .. Oblomov excelent...Silas of course...

poor them.

but now 50gb data used in a week costing too much...( regional libraries so slow upload ...400mbs speed .. it says but lies ...its snails pace unusable.) phone only way...

suspend all except hedge

and 'he' eats so much i need a hedge fund

no idea how stripe works someone should test it, chance fine thing

link to mine