Tuesday 8 August 2023

Tom Paul...a bit o Branson, too


here he is

Tom Paul.... as he arose in 1998 fucked everyone up in London... spivvy shorless semi guru in expensive linnen in inner London warehouse offices...

conned his smarmy way to millions, and a girlfriend like Friel.. .

ran away to recreate himself in places like  in fact mainly....here

to preach " community" and crap and subtle new age.... 

and then gathered a range of ' pets'.... who wont dare say to him " so do we get any actual permanent land cooperative  use, on paper, by long lease at least......for selling your flowers...as you put the prices up so much via speculatiin with london loot no one can afford their own patch...or to rent a small 2 bed semi in Helston at £240 a week the latest pricing"

so brilliantly captured

at the open of this

but gotta watch whole thing to see the true  wonderful development of truly vapid character dressed up as everyones...saviour..

they win though...your land is TomPaul land...

and not one of them know how to till it or fix the rotting wood outbuildings,  or protect it ...despute buying it all i know ive worked for enough if them myself....

but bever take coffee in their country kitchen....its not a happy place...real happiness rustic rural no real worries

...except if his bitch will pay the bill she said she would...or axcuse you if some made up personality...... she finds a 'crime ' ....or at leadt brings into her sick kitchen games.....as excuse to wriggle out....of a man's pay for a man's day... fixing their rotten fencing...they dont know that rule any more been around centuries

i care not makes me laugh . at them...theur guruinf didnt even work on them....but i know they have far subtler  invisible leads on the necks of others once i did have hope for.. .....

no more


and just yesterday after my mushroom MEN rant...Clun Green Man festival of raw sewerage going into river Clun for half an hour  this may about 2  gal a second in front of many... no one even pulling kids playing in river aside

full of hyped up ( latently violent if you disagree with them) men just like these selling of course they all WANT to go fully magic mushroom drug...

even industrially at Clun

but not quite

'food' prog 


and something else going further into magic mush i cant find yet ...

D of Chester would have loved it... as she a guzzler too....

shame she looked 10 years older than me...same age, and hardly any memory either

and zero creativity either despite once having finest mind around