Friday 11 August 2023

i'm not perfect

 though disappointed, enuiii infested a bit.... mainly because having literalky created: forged out of walruss blubber, and  boho bluster ( to hide his unesteemed soul at never DOING anything)  ...duelling many a dawn for three years... the point ( official term i just looked up ... i only look up one word a quarter at most. . i have never watched a horror movie and decry all weaponry i know nothing of these game toys) gradually becoming sharper as the grindstones set to work...

to the death!

points needle thin to every softest piece of skin

no word too much....

or idea..

gradually i fashioned him into the greatest wordsmith of all of history....

... i lied once recently ...i remember every one of about 3 in 20 years and the other two were white. ..

nope i stole his word for... gain, though she cocked a snoop...claiming it mine only as shortcut language for effect...getting  allies to gather at Platon something

not today. Upon meeting a great artist who clearly loved a joust. 

" but out of nuclear word wars to the death... came love, but also one day he just spat it out... ' you throwing toys out of the pram, are ..'  ..."

James Ale...if only we had that word when The Don  crawles out if the swamp....its simply the perfect word.. . to make us all laugh at them ..all... and i have yet to think if any implied protected goup ofence... genius"

i told her tiday " your paintings are so cheeky... but i gift to you a word maybe works for what you wish to say ..?...not mine a failed genius,  he coined it from true true viscousest... wordplay.. to the death...of offence" 

But he did no more... the greatest Punjabber of all time ..flailed and  floundered and just  ....

he could have been any..thing if he'd ....want..ed... 

( oh yes Ms WANT not i rit on the paper...if one cares, one cares the info is bang on...i remember all...but not when flustered by such beautiful bright eyes)

he the wastes his time reading me.. in fact he is of ckurse copying the Chatterton portrait as they all do one way or other...whichever colour

wating time reading me

....when it shoud be 'we'. .