Friday 11 August 2023


 ... or just...

i can and have rit really bloody all the way magnificent essays on The recanted to the tall one


And tge day i did sit down at the river by Presteigne august 2020

"righty ho....i have it in some good simple few paragraphs of words now...but they are bodily lived...real...and i know what its FOR......"

do it now... cheap foubtain pen lid off..."write it now just the one main opening line...this literally is the perfect moment in life for this well rested exercised new friends true bliss for months....gorgeous day beating sun sat zen strength and peace.... right its coming off we go..."

half way through that    sentence there is a smudge..a waterstain

i ave

mid sentence

when i had to run as fast as the 6 mil buck a 4 year old drowning in the river.. 100m away...

 his mum sat...ehhh not doing anything...

and though not copyright me returning to the bench

thought buble and smile

 " jeffrey..[ Babb] though you couldnt get 'it' as you cried on your way  to your deathbed, for all your years as Oxford Fellow attempting the great tract on it...... i liked your '  it rennews itself every day'... your last words on it to me....  i think that naughty little Sublime... just...DID..."

i aint no scholar of fancy ideas, but i know how we learned genius nuance

better than anything ever in Babb's books

And the exact perfect weaponry nuance of 

" as her last death rattle  lamented: my could have been...anything"

But thats irrelevent failed wordsniths are the problem, as for sure tge compkete inability for abyine to breathe...abd pinder ecen such magnificent confused nuance as the writing in that, that doesnt tell you what to think, with perfect nuance..i used as my education  . . i believe we need back...i may be wrong ...  i dont know what else there ever was...