Sunday 6 August 2023


in position....

Now imagery - later to be woven in a little...yes cliche..

sat by a gate...In silly Tolle's NOW...only because ...better signal.

And ok imagery symbolic.... gated

another time 


oopps there she is the cheerleader!!

if i forget...part 1 ...

of the end of his phase...
time for a reveal  - talk more turkey like

coming any minute

but it has only ever been about one thing - the last decade as every single supposedly a bit 'aware' person  - who by definition are THE pro EU pro environmen people in theory... the people we NEEDED!!!!
via their awful social media but it matters as it rots their brains like her rotten hull....
really did destroy all activism by rather than figuring what matters, as in the great naysayer... Nestbeschmutezr..i had privilege of taking my daughter to see speak... Mrs and Mr Benn...he could be a truth to power...because he had his EQUAL she wrote his books with him...was a rue solidarnioso...

a team... a coteam.. helpmeets..
you cannot REALLY do it without

Nope they all must only cowardly call themselves empaths, or insighters, or shawimmin or...just following a herd of nobodys to nowhere (as in i think audio 1... or was that the personal one... the first 'seer' a Tom Paul aribving  Llanidloes rather than resist eco damage...committed suicide LIVE on facebook reading Alistair Crowleigh...about 2010...

 hey are only death
or cowardice#
all excuses to chose
to do nothing
and just ge in he way of those whom have..
bu they won
they became all there is

Every single clever new age fangled excuse to masturbate via a silly screen back inside...when they should be out doing what they say they care about...on facebook to make them look...GOOD

But its not a fringe mater
is nearly them all...

years i had of that...and no more. Example setting time

And i am quite sure they sit reading their viewer stats reach all night as only real thrill in a sad non life...
 sad children...of the online guruing..

well i put something real up - the ultimate in shameful embarrassment turned into a  REAL 'body' positive matter

and i shall no even ever look to see  if it gets 2 clicks or 2000... or he 2 mil it maybe should have...

(cos i do have a 1 mil one coming up soon...FOR the butterflies!! at last i figured the mutual benefit - i am going to do real self harm... )

but this is staid and hurried
not time yet the hour to fix the keyboard

soon elegance
but i have to get one useful fact off my chest first
because ALL our messes - thats the point - if we can share shameful part shamaen nonsense...all..
 as example
then others may 
and i makes one EARN feeling good
and its a great way to achieve ACTUAL personal zen