Sunday 6 August 2023

 define ' zen' the awful innadequate little word.

most photos are...., alive, here, in THE moment.... despite toe rag Tolle polluting all .moments

 very dangerous prejudiced man....

EVERY significant person i have truly evolved by being with..couldnt 'listen' we had  no sgmhared lexicon until we shared real life... was the last person i would 'chose' or assume  may do me any good....and in medium term  proved without doubt....the best person..for metoo

and my ....i learned...reality

zen is 2 years i have had these replacement keyboards.... 

i havent had the time til now so many stuck lost little middle aged girls...their heads fucked by Tolle to tit head Brand.. ..

( one needed gender mix  in REAL pro EU and environmental warrioring... ) 

wasted so so so much energy with their fake fraudulent ' energy' work.... they never had the energy to be human and even say

 ' maybe i was wrong...' 

 define narcissism/ not being human...that's it

so her creek ( confirmed from local longtermer this morn... open friendly easy boatwoman) ...will stay ...smelling of all the rest in all the other regions 20 years ... some of us knew the only answer SOME matter what one...FEELS..... nope Tolle et al...and the yoga mats " you dont do the same as ME" ..

but kairos zen i am free

to be me again.

no static no cares one did ones best.... 

2 years.... wasted time but that makes it all the more zen pleasure doing it at this



thats POWER...

or at least


which means ' despite' the contempt and whar it aleays is..preciousness ..  is prejudgement 

i am lucky i had thar smashed out of me.

see a few days ago for REAL 'bodily' vids..

the worst imaginable pain... turns out to be a bodily lifesaver....


thats all you can ever say, and no one makes much money out of


thats what the hedgehog and fox was really about..

zen is poor them.... its really bad for people to fake their certainty  and ability to...matter...

and i know thats THE issue

but anything can be fixed. if i could...a right atomised fool in my 20s...anyone could, Be

bluetack yes! smileyemojii.... instead of glue i dont have!