Tuesday 8 August 2023

 much more important 'errata' ... words matter

stating 'pandenic' of mental health issues in yoof...almost abnone under about 50 it seems

is  extremely wrong rhetoric as it nuance-suggests, like the hysteria of 2020, it may just ... fizzle out, have been exagerrated or be easily curable by some magic pill or potion... or stupid 'nature cure' horseriding sessions that the nag owner gets on radio 4 ...to make her look good.. 

 a real landenic of grant funded  dodgy messiahs that new tebdency...10 years.... 1 hr a week gee gee or any 'therapy'... never helped anyone...  a few years..may


if a person has over-the-line  ( into being afflicted such that they must hide away feeling awful for weeks or months as so many do even in healthier regions like The Marches...the last decade or so)  if they have mental  fugue, 'illness' or the like then 99% of cases  that WILL negatively effect their whole life for years or maybe even all of their life.  .. 

especially if childhood 'trauma' ...

far  better to use nicer  fluffier words as per audio few days ago... these words are a big part of prob

 ( intelectuals do understand...the 3 of us left) 

replace nastily barbed  cage-words like ' trauma, 'even if nazi shot grandad point blank in head... with words like 'rumpus'....

worth listening that audio....maybe was episode 3  ish . 

 childhood or young adulthood rumpus that becomes illness or over-the-line  behaviours as a result... literally sends the sufferer onto a very upsydowny tortuous  pathway.. for life.. ...very often

that if course DOES have benefitial silver linings.. but no crap self pitying commentariat or bossocracy ever can speak of as they are too retard to wait...and see whar reakmk use may be there

they musr open the gob of  the furst rubbisg that spouts from it...to make them look as if they 'care' or in fact know stuff..rather than nothing

knowing stuff maybe works...is a really really hard long pathway .....many books from Coetzee through Hesse required to add nuance and thoughtfullness...... real minds.. ...or tge superb movie Land of The Blind shows how all  goody goodies become murderous swine....unless  they really work hard every day to ponder if they are becoming fascist too by their new utopian political efforts....( and some group they hadnt bothered considering may suffer badly due their RussellBrandish brand of kiddult  space cadet policy reform... like toilet cleaners have a lot more back breaking  work with all these extra cubicles and door ironmongery  to polish now blokes  seemingly default to them too ..in Foulmouth at least!)   and theres no cash or pension  or unsackable position at local auth paid offices...in it either