Tuesday 8 August 2023

 extra bonus content added to last one

( careful of unintended con sequences to groups of 'others' when getting utopian)

new facebook campaign! whaterface JK could run it. not v good books are so forgettable! as is her name

pity the poor bog brushers! all that extra work they have to get through with  all this new trendy cubiclism and frockery.. bet they dont get paid extra...

slogan: if the pissoir aint good for you any more then consider the overworked bog cleaners at least borrow a Potty from 'Arry next door! 

he died years ago and neighbours didnt even go outdoors long enough to smell the whiff...in modern uk

but no.... audio on how to stop this few days ago... Douglas Murray et al......absurd fake child Jonathan Pie..... must call it 'culture wars'.....

culture is...proportional self rediculisatiin...of all

and YUK used to be good at that