Sunday 27 August 2023


 " get the f*** up"

A century.

(as i said to the woman who sells the booze yesterday, ... hahh hahh  immediate knowing - the moment they get out of their van.... the expensive harnesses, for the doggies....  means they will have no zen... and the wellies in stillsummer.....stillsummer

... cannot anyone ever look at the weather and see; nice day? ish.... its the dog and wellie thing.. i said to the woman selling the ooze yesterday...wandering by her stall " i had a poem in my head, it begins with a chat with a booze vendor and discovering she charms her way through the day selling the poison...but doesn't actually drink the poison herself... thats SO funny you don't...")

Even if the century is only near a quarter way through.

My own divergent quarter of the century

Simple: from the beginning of it, no TV ... not a bit of telly, and... with no telly to sometimes depress one at night, that horrid light, all this century up with the light. And in the winter way before the light.

Curious: : : : : ... ? ! ? upsidedownsmileyemojii...  I certainly have had about every 'trauma' there is to live through. Bu i never get down... 'depressed' wonky or even frazzled for too long.

 I am not curious. I am the normal one.

Those radio 4 chan and all other meedia types woudnt know about whilst  moaning " in times like these" i notice they seem to have worn out that record of late

The times didnt change, all that really changed a whole dull lifetime, is that the 99% watch a lot of telly, and 99.9% cannot get up in the morning so as to be happy  (never mind psychologically 'healthy' no matter what....) 

And that...its so so interesting the last few years! those of 'us' in the minority of the 0.1% (i assume there are others like me i never meet them...sadly... really are aggressed and viscerally ... whatever the word is for ...??

 a fool watching any telly, who also cannot get up in the morning... and hatefully is jealous of someone who has always got up in the morning and watched none of their box (except a couple of intelligent 'art house' films a week during some phases of life).....  in fact i know what the word is, 'inhuman' because humans evolved  to be up with the light..and sit out in even the february warmth = sunshine...i can guarantee! And thus by March April already their melatonin seasonal adjustment filter has clicked into summer mode and the notion of 'burning'  or skin 'cancer' is an inhuman thing because humans would have without any doubt been out of their caves even January basking in even half an hour of nice sunny weather...

As it makes the brain rev up.... in a nice way..

And nature intended that for a reason...  though nature intends nothing, it just puts up with what a crit evolves into; which is what we evolved into - bit lizardly.... needing a bit of a sun bask, evolution  creates a filter system so that the summer rays dont do anyone one.... if their shielding system is gradually set  in spring to summer mode....

(gingers or other supposed sunshine intolerant types confined to far less sunny places... except even there is anathema in that I have lived a month with a very sunshine 'intolerant' visiting travelling woman... (stole our stove as she travelled off blesser..) .. who had a bit of burn a few weeks but even she   acclimatised... once she became humanised and out in it a fair bit...having hidden from it until she met us one august..   )

In short, am i  the only human left?

Ahh hahhh... reminder, out front.... i kindof figured some months ago - sadly.... we are in magpie land...

Beautiful "birds" but almost life sentenced to being thieves ...  in a natural evolved way. Using anthropomorphic judgemental words...