Friday 4 August 2023

Small things....

Is where TRULY tales of simple life


Even if as with so much in he UK there is a sting

in the tale

If considering jumping over the cliff, make sure you have some of these with you, in case you are a failure

And end up in a British hospital...

(yestereve on wireless 4 chan even more SUPERB real science about the caregorical effects of sleep and good sleep patterns on even simply obvious essential  'health' stuff like gut biota function....try yelling that to a fat british nurse as shes screaming down a phone in he middle of the night as the takeaway van took a wrong turn..or Di's drug dealer dropped her for non payment..) 

 after the....nope before the...

small ones diverted me

purpose # 1 perraps

to three


but the true zen of small things is only once every few years do i start at he beginning i can, despite them, feel great ...always