Friday 4 August 2023

Now the wedgies have to be saved ...for all these

 Vogueratti yummies 

as alive as actual Tut's tomb..

Tiz time

kairos time

To go further than all the way...

("tell mummy to leave a BIG patch of messy leaves and twigs and all your friends you've seen one so few left...all squished by someone elses tyres and someone elses ..hairdyes and persticiced in the streams and someone else not next door....")

Tiz time to really get to biz... after a long boring period of uploading that says as much but less alive than saying it to the little un and her hedgie top so rainbow correct

Because long ago i knew that the enemy of all is this politically correct...

And maybe even yummum # 1 had pondered in the 48 hours before trying to cut me dead with her default-to-bullshit about that certain kind of man.." hes dealing with it our friend  earthy surfie Bertie...he's great on the environment "

" please... start at the beginning ..with a 4 year old you must understand ABSOLUTES... All thus far 



even crafty hipster beardie Bertie Wertie ...failed doll...if you shut up maybe we can have a real talk rather than your Faceookese......soon.." 

And theres me thinking she'll set her husband on me.

And within 48 hrs begging me for... 

to be cont