Saturday 26 August 2023

so, Mrs " Ecocide"

 rotting Higgens

or...Lucas whom,  at 63 ish cuts and dyes her hair every week to look like a 20 year old 


or ALL the rest of Extinction rebellious show offs....( the P R 'feminised')

what is 


well we have moved on a bit from the simply magnificent old film.... said to be excellent true to life tale of....real life

 the women mucking in of course as equalls with the men...or even being bosses.... working to survive 'in' the 'environment' 

as per the so wonderful  '45 film 

The Southerner

( which also beautifully explains  and shows:  all little scraps NEED to be forgotten, as water under the bridge..... to work together to the environment)

But in fact today we moved forward a bit.....but not much,in that the 'environment' has loads of little outbuildings, and the like, scattered around

stables...oh yes women love performing 'horsey'..rightly, as equals with the men of that world

sheds....then fences and hutches and boats and old roofs and cages and endless structures

 that like Polly... 


protecting, fixing... sealing.... rehulling....protecting ...


 ....old wood and metal....

from the elements

so it will last a LOT longer

i have as a rural person 2/3 of the time

 spent half my outdoor time HAVING to my case to reduce, reuse, recycle like a good boy

and save money

funny thing really, it almost 'IS' "..environmentalism..." lower footprint"... 

really hard really really hard work...... days weeks months...

working. with the BODY....

( no machine can ever do refurb work ever)

scrape or brush out rot....dry in the sun


or store dryly.. 

takes absolutely ages.... a hell of a lot of time...never mind effort 

really hard repetetive work....

but i have never heard one

 of the ( they took over all environmental messaging) woman messiah ever even mention it....

this long long extremely time consuming thing of sorting and fixing the materials that rot if you dont...

never mind do it....

funny old world

which applies too to even a suburban,  man hater  ...more interested in false arrest as most are...

...never seen one...actually fix their kids bicycles.....  rub off the rust

as a sign of love

PROPERLY ( my my  they auto-hate you using that word)

 and put a spot of primer ...and protection paint,  so it may last a few years more...