Tuesday 8 August 2023


thank you goddesses...no joke

my mind simply perfect

last night after quickest flurry here... adding to post on never vote liberal democrat bad mannered  mad fuckwits

and ALL i do online is so so quick no time to think... open screen and type uktra fast  ( first time for montgs all batteries depleted last night me so madly trying to  finish this dull dross.. and get back to walking)

so half hour later, dozing off with terrible bunged up chest and ( my pain threshold is extremely high...i have video of me rolling in nettles in rural ralph ...) and thats the recent cheap clicks plan

( serious pain hurting uf cough last night.. rapid onset... 3 hrs earlier in eve no pain then by 10pm big pain. ) 

 nettles: a full naked 20  second roll in nettle patch ( i need camerawoman to make sure willy isnt in frame,  so youtube compliant)..

they get million hits

but at last i thought a few days ago   "i hate cheap clickbait...BUT

if it caused just 10 people to remember ( see videos 4 or 5 days ago on THE most important quick pro nature change Polly dead fake Higgens wouldnt know of...as thyre all neurotic show off townies   )

leave nettle patches alone for naked rollers like me or BUTTERFLIES...and by dint, birds who eat pupae on nettles..wil thrive..or not die like faje green Peter Williams the Tom Paul...or Polly .  .that would be worth being a ckickbait tart for!!!... at last"


....dozing off ...or not ( earplugs ....necessary as Bilbo wakes up in night and is bloody noisy)


"shit ... i am sure! i wrote 'UBR...' rather than UBI a few hrs ago.... must correct it! dont want to be considered retard...."

and despite raging pneumonia.... i rembered it second i awoke at 6am...

probably proving not at fatal level just yet....

but what perfect memory! and i dont want one..no one cares about anything no point having even a mind in UK . 

but thought "nohhhh ... that would be memory capabilities that are superhuman...bet i rit UBI...

and somehow imagined my error"

nope...looking in now i had rit UBR rather than UBI.. 

i can die achily and feverishly, happy...knowing my mind was at simply best ever sharpness. .

despute you...ALL


i won the war after losing every battle.... to quote the great dodgy poet

even if i never wished to.