Tuesday 8 August 2023

super simple life (with 95% cert pneumonia)

 beginneth in full

especially as (she probably breathed on me....in in a super friendly way  - VERY complimentary of her makings i was .....went to riff with tourist cash addicted sour bag i gave her the  book on the right  a few weeks ago.. return hello  yesteraft.... she wouldnt get the TRUE LIFEFORCE spirit in he book on the left..)

anyway....at LAST

the only idea that makes me happy...

getting back on course...


Purpose. Book 2 chapter 1: at last! REAL SUPER SIMPLE LIFE. (with, likely.. clever little pneumonia bugs attacking my bodymind THEMIX and winning)


many refs but none - a purest description of the TRUE BODILY real joy of ultra simplicity... losing all...to find the body - for REAL...responds in a beautiful way 

as i discovered 20 years ago...well 19, in fact

(full story of the test later)

also should be tagged

 why the PEOPLE of uk

 should be in the Hague 

my  dear Serb hater...( of me) .....

 not just their leaders... the real story of early 90s uk


i dont think you have to 'sign up' to listen to that FREE content on substack pod platform..

if you do, i wont know who you are...i couldnt care less anyway... (except for one listener maybe or..)

its easier for now than also creating a free simple download in google drive - this one if full anyway i have to go to another now...soon

but my data allowance is being overused...i have to return to total balance now...

if we dont get turbocharged next phase pneumonia... and i NEVER even label 'illness'''... never care...and never ever exaggerate.and always respect the little bugs that have 'done'...errata ARE symbiotically valid life, too....  to be respected for their skill at fucking up even me...


well... not entirely