Sunday 13 August 2023 this instagram even allowed? 

i have no idea their latest rules - i hate every second on their wonky platforms... phone veridied but wont alow post?!?!?!

stopped working

wont let me post: 

  Lenovo sign in no matter what. There is a far too long column of accounts at left of this screen. Never been in THAT pickle before..

but complexify to simplify means any day now just back to one. 

even Helford river i know its all a hologram when the mum several times met absolutely keen to email in and get further info for her...AND be in contact as Jez adoptee they begged... doesn't even follow through.
Give up.. pixies all around...only (buty they sure don't like it when you use that word so...silence... only...just old stories and new ones on getting older and laughing healthily at every twist... and turn