Sunday 13 August 2023


splurge why?

collaborators wanted...

(THE money obvious 4 or 5 years is in great engaging content - that MUST be authentic people arent totally stupid) about growing older and poorer with great lifeforce that's 100% genuine... me i write groovy jokes about bodily decrepitation and its the KEY! keep REAl 'energy' lifeforce even through the smelliest and dullest times... if i can anyone can
songs and whatever about laugh at every downturn.. that REALLY helps people

BUT there's always a lot of bodily and simple living woven in (to audio...) and  all my output... so you have to start at the beginning 3 or 4 months ago... themes carried forward.
Will one day be more coherently rearanged.

maybe three "birds" one stone..
My Miss Aisle... is a light as a feather
but folk will assume some other nonsense...

Purpose book 2 chapter 8


(listen audio)

new photostore i prepare to work back

And if we must (no not for stories photos i completely disapprove)

purely for riling the one sane person left into communicating properly? Or maybe a just a load of bimbo (NOT a sexist term originally coined for male dandies in the stone age) publisher birds sort of (emotionally) dominate  - cos they dont know what a REAL book is anymore, like Kushners "you will only tweet me".. the world ended.

But get with the program... or one is a fool.

hiraeth or just..... sort of suits the mood