Friday 25 August 2023


To the rather wonderful 21 year old writerman...just thisaft

"  Kushner's Mars Room... unlike everything British i have read this century....and almost every radio 4chan afternoon play... all of which not only twll you what to tjink, they committ the worse sin of using pity as currency... we do nor kearn from pity, I only learned reading Rachels pity free magnificent poetical bleak tango.... and of course it is just a story that tells of UNIVERSAL indusyrial and personal cruelties and vanities...."

If i wrote up all that happened here in just two days.... it is modern Britain, one that even I didnt know was quite so universally damaged and damaging.... not to me.. ... a few saw i am


but am so wasted on.... ll if them.

This, last chapter, is going to be turned into an arty farty ...something

Its so interesting... but it's keeping a whole hamlet sized pitiful episode of pity out of it... the problem! Especially any encountered is only ever an act... for viscious personal gain....

so it needs to bw a comedy!!!

The end.

But gigabytes to fill in  first...