Saturday 26 August 2023

And so...

 Half a lifetime, that's all it ever was. .....



Thing is, it's not a very poetical Wasteland...

There is 'atomised'....

There is angst.

But in a world where one is infact endlessly dichotomised

Or in fact just anti socialised

my whole life, 25 years


when all i wished was social

but somewhere nice, 


A fact.

Come, for example, the Olympics.

Or..... silly me, 

babes' footie...

A kiss is just a kiss....

Where was Timmy? 

when we needed her, as she told me reagrading years as a secretary

to MP

 " my knee is designed to be nice and sharp...for a reason"

The womens' football team

 I am quite quite sure spend most of their waking hours

volubly stating,  fact:

" we are just as tough and energetic as the blokes

" and our practical skills on the field are just as 


" spatially aware

" multi task able

" weatherproof

" no different to the blokes'


 so pay us the same!"

( and so they should be)

Yet, half a lifetime ago

I headed aside...

"A small holding?

" Seen the world, 

" beauty, grandeur, wilderness

" but too much trouble and strife;

"wars,  greed, trashed oceans

"time for mainly a quieter, healthier, next to nature, life"

but thirty years

A practical woman who can do her equal share, of simple rural work, fix the endlessly breaking bits n bobs....

 helpmeet, wife...

....  frankly THEY, no one else


put them

selves in some kind if forever 

figurative, hijab...burka in fact

And guess what,



Just lost...?

the pain is on us

men who are left forever to just do the work

and worse, 

endless loneliness 

no woman to work alongside...  sometimes, at least

but the joke is on'them'*

as there is only one way of life that gives true 


plodding along through tough outdoor jobs

fix and figure...

how to salvage, protect

beat the weather...

salvage and reuse...

save for sometime later

maybe ( if the loneliness doesnt take you to the cliff

one day)

Is the best of all mental fix there is


For free

is 'humanity'


( sorry, 'community' is women can work exactly as men



not sometimes, always)

* =..errata  'them' there is no them

ask a woman weightlifter if there is any us and them

A woman footballer if there is us and them

a ballet or tango dancer if men have so much better balance that only 'THEM' can do a proper long day work outside .. balancing pivoting so exhausted a nail could tear any moment

so your dance is a real ine

real life

one slip and your dead

( rusty nail stabbing,  good as)

and they'll try get you arrested.  

So why for more than 25 years living aside in the rural lands,   do i never ever ever find any woman who will be


and so the ferkin work 


its not about work

the work ' sets you free'

its about the loneliness ..

and lamenting their


self inflicted sexism

them on them

endlessly lonely.. doing work thats so lovely to do and all you want is to share it for THEIR benefit    

But no....always some .. 


i just call that,  one word: 


or lies...

or not very 'self aware'

in fact

 in truth proof

really dumb

its the only real 'healing' 

and true self esteeming

i know

half of modern humanity skive off ever