Thursday 17 August 2023

 to the two great writers to be

 off on EU shaggerthon...

that place of true babe-esteem, Bolivia first ..( extract as much cash from ma and pa as two are the future!!! 

and i would never say this:  pinch their crumbling's 'moral' to grab much as poss and get your real education....

 i gave you wrong url i forgot the 2022

that shows how ace my memory is

and i care so much had to come back to town to use wifi....

and in fact the reason i was so distracted  so as to not conce trate fully url giving...

was ....that superb!!! cheeky  esteem

thrilling! exrraordinary! as good as heroine malala!  ( " ehh you ragheaddinosaur fuckers you missed..i still have one good eye ...")

 you wanna fight! fabulous!!!

 fight more!!

( another great movie, Educating Rita she overthrows her To Sir With Love, fabouls movie of 60s,  poitier TELLS them, his students,that's their JOB!!! give im one up bum to become his..equal!!! you guys are there)

geee whizz first book:


title:  how come i am such a unique deviant?

you izzzz

bottle it, sell it

tell the rest of the parents how

they failed

to produce



......are important,

 i am not, 

 merely an ageing old goat person who feels 20 yrs old every matter what.. but my cohort wrung the life out of me with their upskirting....

but i wouldnt have one second any other way..

......and i dont fake my 'now' everyone else does

thats what your aiming for.... 

 but its black swans chasing you through the streets of some madhouse slum one can help......its when you get hurt really really hurt one to bail you out....  and that kind of stuff ... that you alone will live....i hope, for your sake... 

and i hope at times for years it hurts

as it did

because thats how one realises ones sanity is hard wone.... and real

and...maybe something good is always to be found in all

but that cant be faked, imagined, that has to be lived....( minimal carbon usage, and fucking up others in the process ...please)


email ralphschism[ attysign] gmail [ dottycom]

07958 526 three eight 1

i will improve it all in a month or so ..