Thursday 17 August 2023

so, the ...


the last few days.

since 13 july in fact.

but take last few days. or just


I know i have interesting, maybe...not maybe, defo!  unique reflections on various things.

evwry sane woman o jave evwr spoken with on the subject of Macdonald's H is for Hawk 

chimes: the most confected moaning self pity memoir ever, in that everyone's dad dies....and i know liads about the real zen of living.... aside... with only the beasts 

to keep you company, which they dont...

all that they can ever do is remind one, as i look into Jez's eyes on Loe Bar....

just us two 

how nuts and irrational .....and cannot even be a semblwnce of rational embodied THEMIX ....ooomans are

all it seems

even if i am absurdly friendly to all ..

having highlited M *** and her superb info this morn i make my way back 

and share...quietly :

" you and yer man



givin the good info


as you say, 

sayin when you dont know

key to life" 

i dont do false compliment, ever

to be continued in book next

anyway..the 'problem'.... i live constantly for years.... 13+

40 - 50 km a week walking,ideally fairly strenuous pathways

never any kit ever

no wanker water  bottle 

 the brainwashed display.... 

10 quid and up...

nowadays so competing to out brand each other

( many arthouse photos one day)

 convinced they will die of thirst if they dont sip every 10 mins

and scurously... howdyaspell that no time to oggle... suggesting the science is " 'hydration' may apply if you were crossing the sahara, otherwise its a mafe up neurosis to get you to.... be differwnt from us who would never dream of  waterwabkin even 2018 hottest day of year i set out dawn on old rusty bike all the way to see drug Princess, Di... up N Wales over the high 'mountains' ofhilly wales... no water onboard ....bit thirsty lunchtime, find a brook..." 

one is thought evil

when of course a not evil person is gebuinely  sorry for them  they are so on the hamster wheel they can only afford 2 weeks hol a year....

as they must spend so much just on the latest water bot- protruding branded backpacks... a weeks wages..

anyway issue.  i never use machinery on sunny days 

every ray counts.

that way i dont need to trouble the atmosphere polluting it with aviation fuel ..

and anyway summer is for enjoying the occasional or frequent wistful conversation with the iccasional person who may indeed have...'time'...

so, to be operant ... splurging stories and truly awful wisdom up to


i have to so dot here and there....waffle 10 mins to camera but the thing stops " memory full"  just before i get to a punch line ...

so punchline delivered to work phone camera....

and despite truly lethal memory, if i do such 5 times a day i forget which added bit .....matters....

such that things make


where an actual 3 or 4 days with a plug... just try go tbeough the bits here and there see whats missing that...matters

i do not have.  nor wish...until the weather is 100% percert shitty a week..

but in such zen state.... get on and splurge regardless....

75% of a few unique stories...

 is surely good enough for now.... 

25%... story fees one day will come....

 just for a bloody plug!

nope no one geys it ones dord is ones word

as the wise woman i met yestereve did seem to..

you literally cannot beat this moment

due M....

finding wifi in the perfect suntrap....

and across the bay...

wafts withit.....

the purest word picture symboluc of them all...

i doubt anyone left on this planet understands

the nuance