Thursday 17 August 2023

why would anyone not open 4 emails? rat tat tat..


open a flurry of four of them.... from the only person one wanted since last November to "connect" with....

in audio

videos not uploaded til mid afternoon

within which we have true ultra simple rural living....just for her

and why i gave up. i know when one is beaten...5 + years ago....

so compromise= cannot find someone with true rural living zen= never the spinning tyres in mud or frost

then value a grwat writerly spirit .. they arent ever found in rural places any more

why i..... schismd november stopped then

living only for one

would have stolen a boat yonks ago to get to the other side , ,but for....

today just an hr ago, in least ever expected place....

my life just changed 

a bit

due the great info...

reliable fact


from a wonderful welshwoman....

my my we laughed at their... corvid ...and other, fascism....

her man was stopped at the 'border' on the way to his mams funeral.... that winter

and given a hard time by the Keystones .there, at the 'border'  back over up the road into the place his accent says he is from ...clearly

her words " never again'...

book 2 chaper 15

bonus content
unlike the rest that means
every last word

here is bonus: best coaching, guruing, embodied whatnot masturbating....ever


steal it, borrow it....use it for some other poor sucker

who wont LISTEN to it either

 you reminded me of it

but it does define the last decade of this society

and i alone got it