Sunday 10 September 2023

"purpose", 10 years ago...

 for a few years I would say to myself:" true pure good purpose is equal as a force to the best 'love'..."

To describe it so simply, someone living with. A minor mess, but  her needing or wanting nothing. So no 'issues'. A life of only peace....

However her wish, gradually clicks in, to sing. " Sharing my voice with others is the only thing makes me feel good"

But for me a  form of the song i really really did not enjoy: the musical songs, but also the formal singing performances maybe common in the victorian drawing room.

Even if:

"Lass... your voice 'works' somehow for me, such that you are the only person who i have ever heard sing Cohen's Hallelujah, and i don't feel suicidally ill hearing it..."

So even if not ones 'thing' whatsoever... much of our life became about facilitating her baby steps into  the world of professional singing and guidance for her into becoming more skilled in her tjing....including many days cycling between unused churches looking for the best acoustics where she may practice without driving neighbours mad...

but of course as part of  a physical accomodation together...  and so importantly, loads of hard outdoor sweaty existence

that kind of 'purpose' .. what is only GOOD for another, even if no conceivable enjoyment for the i ponder what its really about, the key to a real 'happines'.