Sunday 10 September 2023

The Fifth Element


The dancer, or any creative  who finds the fifth element, or.. 'sublime'... zone.

And it can even be a state entreded into within a long enjoyable conversation, as happened for me on she knew too.

But.... what is the real use in it..? I am not so sure... is it yet another cage ....the  cutting edge  trendy rathers self obsessed

look-at-me society preaches without ever thinking is it really good for us.

The best summary of 'it'...

But i am brave enough to question: is it really good for any of us..?. the more well known practitioners seem to have a not very sweet older age

indeed i wonder if that is what "balance" means: experience this mode of existence if one can- i have... maybe it has even bolstered me such that it kept me alive...but know there is nothing  particularly useful in it. Objectively. Ahh but thats not very fahionable a thi g to say!

But then im not into fashion, thats only a cage,too

Some of the alchemised mode.... balanced with a lot of the pottering around, fixing old wood, too... mode...i think is the way to live. The latter in fact makes you far more happy than the former. But it would have been an incomplete life to have not accidently stumbled into that place of the fifth element and know its there...

Something Understood

The Fifth Element

Academic Dr Sarah Goldingay examines the elements and explores the spiritual significance of the idea of a 'fifth element' which appears in a wide range of faith traditions.

Purpose book 5 'Alchemy'. Surfing the transcendental. i wonder if just another consumerist status thing. Or evasion of actual humanness