Sunday 24 September 2023

simple life

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Simple life soon to start.

Not that there is any point, no matter how many times one says to some person wishing a little mutual benefit "if i keel over dead please make sure of only one thing, i don't care what happens to my body - composting fine, but please remember just ONE thing, that my most precious possessions, old man Ralph's sickle he passed on to me... [taped with bright colour so as not ever lost in the grass] is passed on to my little one.."  
And when even the most yogic 'conscious' spiritual ones cannot a few days or even weeks recall the ...just one thing ...another human asks, its jolly good evidence their yogic shamanic seeing the future 'consciousness' 'work' has...not worked, as surely that would be the POINT of it - be a bit human to other humans....
call me old fashioned, but (and so so much more efficient on drug addict, left alone grass ...when their landlord is telling them theyre out, unless... and so much more considerate to other people in these lands of quite dense populations.... do the job, quietly)
So there's no point sharing anything with anyone, off or on...line

\so a summer and autumn even of minimal clothing use... all is well, and a nice drying breeze.

oh yes, i am not any more of this society  - when so so much money is spent on dogs... obviously to be seen spending it though of course it is muzzled in some other language of 'caring'. 

And then the ironic journey 
"oh my god...i had no idea... the last place on earth i intended to visit only here to pick you up and work on yourdad book.... but it's 100 times worse than i could ever have imagined..take an ironic pic becuase... thats all anyone else ever seems to want to do picture everything.."

the wonderful whiffy one

feeling rubbish, read a propper book. Period

Wish to curate feelings and love and relationships,  read real masters first... I smiled: " a genuine passion..."

The money

few days ao the Northern old lady and i were riffing " and look at that Mister these folk got more money than sense ..."

remember  - note to self, how standing on foam boards seems to infantalise a whole generation....and the generation up who must of course support them so as to look as if they are part of the generation down..

I am sure it will be for free...

Certainly not for free - still today a wet windy very autumnal day I find it astonishing how being seen with several water bottles or if REALLY cool, a pipe sticking into rucksack and water bottle...


Right i have zero interest in any britisher ever... bt the art of staying aside and not being bothered i am so interested in, only.. at the best atchin tan if i park aside the puddles no one will pull up on that side... zen and balance have to be earned.