Wednesday 15 November 2023


I thought that was a skit.

"Big little questions"

Sometime yestermorn " coal and oil usage this year will be the highest ever big number"

To be not only continued but especially the simple living bit, much improved, one day

Suffice to say of course nature must be used.

I have never had any 'home' despite being sucked into the silly fancy home paradigm once.... and i spent months trying to get just that light blue

that light blue

 Not quite, in fact  more antique version redolent of Southern  chic 

meaning New Orleans sort of edgy  colonial maybe power may be weilded here elegant chic

But i grew out of it age about 27

Tales of the simple do mean nurturing all resources, so as to get most from any greedy 'footprint'. And the vagabond roaming landloper as unwelcome in bourgeois lands as a brown person who may be a bit religious, must duck and dive.

Meaning, meander every few days to a different place.. 5 km ish ... 

But, it is about always planning so as to use minimal resources, in that every other day i must run the motor 15 minutes to just keep a coyple of batteries minimally charged, so always of course use the migratory dance between atchin tans, fully and make sure it all weaves together so as to use minimal carbon.

But of course.... knowing where best sunrises are, not for aesthetics and wow factor, but warming up factoration is ... literally IS the simple life.

But o never encounter any traveller or van type who ever seems to know this any more.

Maybe its all the vudu,  Sam Harris's so cool person psychadelics, and up all night watching hilarious videos about covert narcissistic behaviours

they forget theres always a lovely new warm sunny bit  whenever the bloody rain stops

or dont know how just to stop and Be innit any more