Tuesday 14 November 2023


 a LOT of work to be done on this....


poor traumatised [sic] Yugoslav refugee a bit too arrogant to LISTEN..1992


I didn't know thwn the same also applied to all of Central Europe, that 'they' could not listen " sweety Vanja, all this, South Kensington, all the riches that twinkle in your eyes, the fashion all of it...the fancy motors...the 3xpensive hairdos that are giving you orgasms..a fair few of us on the west saw through ALL of this years ago as being as lethal as the bombs regning down today on your mum and dads croat serb villages respectivly, next door to each other, today..... you know my life story....why i am an orphan....  but you also know how OUR true loving simplicity here works, in this front room...because we dont do any of it...please believe me the glitter, bling,  showing off with expensive posessions ...and riches...kill...humans"

no Central European i have ever met was ever able to understand i guess it takes fifty years

one..SE Central European  said, just a year ago " we laughed at your awful fucked up society we saw on our tvs back home..." 

i dont know if she was telling me the truth ...

but its the only even vaguely modern tjing ive ever heard from there...pity the lot...traumatised by Pretty Woman