Thursday 23 November 2023

"acid dipped tampon.." ("yer' dancin'?")

 ... I don't even notice any more

I mean 14 years ago i couldn't even dream/plot/imagine.... that ....flow

That no matter how they assume, block, and stab (with the same little swordstick i saw  in my mindseye her attack me with ....last december)

As if a blob went and colonised me,  and took me slave

Expanded to fill the void, that 'abyss'....

No matter what

 that flow 

won't go

which is exactly the same philosophy as  that black swan ... never ever think you know, anything....

nor who has the gift, wrapped or not

And especially many years ago "no way what a load of nancy boys bouncin around how horrid... no way in forty years i will know it is one of the best bits of real art that in a curious way... works. ...never mind sat on a not-too-cold clifftop bouncin to it... gets me goin' ...forthe right reasons....when mojo is still -20% ....which is better than the 50% most of the last three months.... that clever little pneumonia laying low and stoppin' most the flow of a tough goat  who alone seems to knowthat loads of goatin' is the actual way to rebalance 'illness'.... " 


Another liar .... ish... but they're so good at the ishyness of it all one never knows...
I know
what SIMPLE was always 'for' and how in fact i would have been dead years ago had i not understood item 1..  and lived item 2..

lots to do if i want to be a poet...ish
I do
know one thing that laughing at this really serious  new
 paradigm of just so many personality doctors and police online...
has to be done somehow
(and several women of my acquaint agree - its enough now!) 

But then so much in Be..tween..

far more interesting than their lies

right, soon... time to try and make sense

And i do my homework.

I do know there is a gap in the market...a big one. 

And it is the exact opposite of "play upon her darkest fears" 

But at the end of the day is just about two per chimney matter what. But what a load of what ... i know what

And it must have ("tongue in cheek") ... barbequed babies as opening line...

Because i remembered only a few months ago hillwalkin' .." wow....  even a year ago i would have been secretly prejudiced deep down against someone from BBQbaby land.... and a year on, no one has ever caused me to make such changes...real ones i will never regret"

Anyway.... humour.... I am not a particularly humorous person, but i even make Suzi laugh with my truly poetical flow.... turned on at the twist of a screwtop on a  babycham bottle all shook up

And out of control

and she is ....  

to Be cont