Thursday 23 November 2023

" gosh it is too warm to sleep "

 how on earth for example does one translate a Northern intellectual setting, which is quite different to anything below that horizontal line through Leedish...

(never forget her - sat behind us, them ...on tour.....tourists...'visitors'.... being something they are not one midsummer in a very rural field in hidden away west herefordshire ... " Jesus christ ... i am in heaven..... can you hear her sat a few logs back from us..? listen to her... she's as good as Joan.... this is paradise"  then over a few years of fakebooking she lets down HER protegee..who truly did warm to the offer of mentoringish.... why? .... i think lines are extremely beautiful. ... but a decade of lies isn't pretty)

oh well how sad never mind

a splendid catch phrase and aphorism of fourty years ago

 All i know is that no matter what illusion one has perhaps followed, i won...

And never ever allowing their confusion to 'win'.... is winning for THEIR sakes too, as being hurt or at the wrong end of their confusion, hurts them less  if one (they)  knows there is a life enhancing silver lining, no matter what

ten whole degrees chillier back in old region hahh hahhh...i won!

And thus was being saved for, getting back on target... even if a lie

categorically planning all around nice warm weather and dryness to get back to sorting this utter mess out....and a little more

And then some weird magic comes along