Thursday 30 November 2023

 .. and

what is life if full of care

we have no time to stand and stare

or necessarily hibernate a fair bit now its too cold to type ( so so good for you...nature intended it so Be it..)

or even do anything with 100s of better photis i have at last started to plough through because 2010 and 11 were ultra simple living years . with real emotion woven throughout... 

a story

a fight to try and find a reason to live yabber yabber   

far more engaging than now...( unless) 

so i guess far  more likely to work....

but i happen to have ended up in the place  where in a 30 km or more circle there is only one quiet public space

and that place so full of recently ex London dodgy blokes.... many really ill and clearly many high as a kite... ( you should hear the noises they make at the library computers there.. this land is pestilent and lost,  meknows)

no thanks

so ..   peraps a long pause

shame, absolutely permanently clearest  ultra simplified desk, ive ever had :-) now....