Friday 1 December 2023


 All i know is 10 hours sleep, forced under the rugs at earlyevening 

( the story of the rug soon. I kindof needed....  to see her im May... one of the various ex London car crashes who colonised Hay-on- Wye with false spirituality and extremely expensive woolen rugs .... her words 20 years ago, politely asking  what are the 'defects'  with tjose on the knock down price rail, her spitty vitriol corrupted by the whole history of UK from about 1980

 "   what the hell do you want for £42 quid your sort bloody well ruin my day.!!."

One of several queen bees of Hay

And of course one of the main  forerunners of the wellness yoga  control freakery ( i still need a word! it matters... the next generation need some simple words ..." please dont follow their examples, look at this little film from May 23 .. her so sadly bowed  posture and almost crippled  shuffle as she walks alone...always alone... that is what years of knowing you are above everyone else with your  perfectly mindful goddess smile and perfect turnout,  for the crowds and customers... [ cos the colour suplements say so].. for your own sakes learn... it dint work...")

10 hours sleep is god!

And zeroish is fine when you know it is minus 8 at the last atchin tan

And shead it is back to liveable all the next 10 days.

it is well

my problem is i should be bowed and shuffling but most of the time i am  so bleedin fit and upright 

And full power... and hiking along the hills...and mind just great...

what do i do with the next 20 years!? 

cos no one believes in anything here... i do

But not this for a long time

even if great poem.

... but 10 hrs.... i know that was the right decision. 10 hrs is required sometimes to wipe out dome other inauthentic self we dream we need 

No tricks... no sneaky covert manipulation of some just possible  bridge ...

Nope... confess up front  your tricky ideas ..

10 hrs = be authentic... and when one has been... its the right decision. 10 hrs is to help you know that for sure