Tuesday 7 November 2023

but it comes down to that one reality

 ...how on earth can anyone refugeeing here really be at home in this hardest of languages, the poshest Cheltenham Ladies educated  bird of 4chan tjis morn : 

" they'll be responsible for  the policing [or apartheiding but only partly] of two million odd Palestinians..." i mean that sounds most offensive unless you ..  well even with the comma in its right place ..   almost impossible to easily be at ease with...this hardest if languages and rhars before one factors for class  which has traumatised me all my life as i moved fully from one to another.... but you dont.

Ever. You end up entirely orphan-marooned on a muddy island midle of her river

Because of language. lunch /dinner.... just for starters. or an aperatif...

friggin trauma and moaning.... does the moaner no good

and should never be monetised as thats even  more self harm

anti authentic.. 

but there must be some balanced  arty farty way of.. 

to be continued