Saturday 25 November 2023


 right to start at the end even if it's not quite the end, yet...

This is called ACTUALLY being 'aware' ...and human, and 'community' orientated too...:

even a few audios to a pretend muse,  or just seemingly ok mind, make sure always you convert them into mp3  as its the most ubiquitous format 

but of course no feminine person using any format can ever actually answer a simplest question that is in simple 'human'  " could you open that file?"

so you need to be daddy and be their brain for them  too..

.a habit i had to learn a decade ago

but its the end ...clear ALL  away

human is

 noticing.... from afar

and noticing patterns

god i needed to roam these places once more...i knew age 23 they were death of all that's soulful

reminder why did it go into nightmode?


( actual art...soon)

last time i look him up, as i never got help... and i wanted to know how his mind worked

real art
the onlu one piece i have seen
for years that 
stops me dead

no not him
he is the past and Don
that photographer a cynic who didnt believe in the power to CHANGE.
.... via his work

reality, not glossy brochures
A work of performance art: it must take true artfulness to organise it that these bins are almost always full.

i have no interest in any county after the last region i was in as far more inyeresting artful archetype
nor anything after 
November and December 2022

which was a well deserved new dawn

I got it...moment i stood and stared
then listened
i understood decades of fey boy

so many people with so much stuff
art for
another day

to me the image of the turn of the millenium in that everyone addicted to brown pieces of eyeplastic 
for show...
really was rhe deathknell of being human

Pixies mermaids pirates  
i understand
how all brains got rot 
in the playground

gotta get back somehow

only one called me " daddy" 

daddy fixs most stuff

and also has the poise and grace to know when the fixes work such that theyre an improvement on original

( there is a whole silent film to ho with this day...perraps..meanwhile i always mean what i say... i know no one can read any more but i never read comments any more...i never even read a scattergun of emails this summer cos she can't read " digital communication isnt...communication" 

only face to face is...

And only face to face keeps you human"