Saturday 25 November 2023

kindof like a gift




" is it time yet..?"

yes it's time.

Avenue du 6 Juin

Funny date and place

The date, my father's birth, and death.

At least i only have to be bothered by one anniversary.


Two for the price of one.

There's always a ..price.

Not his fault of course. 

Only pity any Englishman coming of age in that age...

As she said " we would watch you on the telly and ...I knew you were all nuts"

she knew.

Which i knew ... 92 ..certainly 93.


Confirmation in one ..Katrina.


Gifts are 

Something new

this 6th, replacing a worn out old record of ananniversary long ago processed pondered 

The 'work' done.


6th June ... so funny so impossible..

Has a new ring...

No not time just yet ..

And as if agift from the goddesses ... here i know the best newdawns are...

Which is all a bit bonkers.Not as bonkers as a recent viewing. Why do Central European avant gardistes have to get more and more bonkers, just because they find an English passport....when they do have some good imagery and even movement to share . 

And i want to know what they REALLY think... 

only cowards live in the avant garde

Or poetically obscure . 

Me i exist only at a poetically 

 every day bounce around to some poetical rhythm...  and 20 years ago i learned ' treat it all as if some Homeric  symphony a cacophony of cant and


smile at all..

it is an Odyssey..

Just an odd one

The basis of all Western thought before those dreadful self pitying Christians came along and  stole... freedom

To believe.

In the oddity.