Saturday 18 November 2023

i mean you just want to

 ...lock Douglas Murray up in a cage with perhaps Mr Kim, ...the Jong Un


Him and all his words, to camera... even with staged 

" R. U. D." s...hissing and popping overhead...and now being a thing 

" cunts....stop killing babies...or Babs gets cancelled" the only words may just work.

And as for the other  foolish ismish opinionating, "shut the fuck up forever unless you can direct one of the greatest movies ever, Yentil.... as she did, on days off from being about the greatest singer ever... and shutup forever, anyway, because you may not have been you high on Queer'un crack and fencejumpin, but acording to everyone else it always will have been, and they jumped far too far for any civilisation, planned or not,  so its naughty step forever now... wise person accepts a spade being a spade and they may as well have  used one to dig all your graces too as well as headchopin with it.... its over....thats what 'no sanctions' means... historically right or wrong justicismically righteous or not... its reality..and anyway even my 13 year tollerated one suposed moderate religious highup friend few weeks back he shocked me saying 'flatten you' i was a fool too to think my maybe sanest friend was even a bit of a friend." 


 its just a minority of nutters.... but they got all the loot and all the drones so.... run and sing somewhere else as no one actually..cares

About you...

I did... and knew 3 or 4 Westernised... Palestinians very well and they are the best there has ever been

So get the rest over here too for their sakes...

* = please note yet another superb addition to the glorious cannon that so so expanded and blew everything up higher than ever before, in 2020,  when all the techies had time on their hands stuck at home-  especially the Zimmerman bootleggers, to upload more simply astounding content just like that, than ever before in history, silver lining   

i havent even begun my several years of silver lined days from April 2020... 

one day...

or maybe tomorrow because there is one metafizzy mind body thing you aren't even alowed to think...if you are a parent that is.

Never mind openly debate