Sunday 19 November 2023

Some nights are quite simply perfect

 Ok we have the random matter of the weather, random in that from November often it may be below 5 degrees and thus unusable.

7 degrees and up the head starts to be different. Simple as that.  Last region often from November .... head unusable. 

Then the matter  - far more important to true peace and centredness, being aside. I know for a fact that since 2020, but the signs were there far earlier, 99,9% have heads full of mists made of jagged edged mollecules made of  snowflakes, made of acid reflux.

So, being at least 1 km from any human at night is to be desired for a nighttime perch. Only one bird may have been the exception. But i guess her feathers (hahh hahh thats good, do Mrs Boa feathers ... my my how she left her gaudy trail all those years ago...  ) constrict her... (pun on constricta! ) 

I always drift off 9pm.. 10 very latest if i have treated myself to a rare interesting nightime listen   - almost always only 'interesting' as critic of nonsense... (so interesting to deconstruct  the subtle child - in fact child is the only word, for the headlights-dazzled juvenile gut reaction in the so called superstar thinkers like Harris and Gray the last few months... i used to think Murray was ok, especially for several years polemicizing on 'free speech' he used it correctly, to never bother speaking about his private business, of bonking men, rather than the natural mode [all good science confirms - bonobo studies of 30 years, they always go 'bi' at some stage ..always one quite rightly had absolutely no idea he was off the Bonobo normative scale  because no one was interested from about 1978 or 9 who the hell one got funky with.. i lived in an extremely humble backwater potentially prone to 'bigotry', with a 100% for certain ultra dinosaur bigot headmaster at our school, where by 6th form funny old world the head boy was the most overt camp homosexual imaginable... no one cared about, ever ..even the school bullies..  )

Anyway, one day ( i care about this as my onerlass may have been mind poluted also and until maybe a year ao thought there was no hope, so don't.... but the last year...hmm..maybe..) 

But the best days start afterthe best possible solo nights awaking 1 km away from all their noise - internal or ex., in a lovely warm airflow must be 10+ ... just, only, naure... true primeval 

And a good Something Understood - so so so interesting

How ... from the mid 90s this breed of plate spinners, who ended up on the shelves of Waterstones labeled (from a decade ago) as 'smart thinking'...

arose literally spinning plates above all the fray  - bright shiny ones with momentum .... silently up there spinning, self perpetuating,  the crowd worshiping... like gawping worshopers of some sun king via their new books, Straw Dogs one of the first)

Which say, said, almost ...Nothing

But their hubris said everything. Simply about pw thick they were/are and all.

Gray especially it clicked this morn: (these men were ALWAYS the ones who never had any fun in their 20s...even if most of the fun we had in our 20s - metoo ... was deluded and wonky it was still striving for some .... and loadsa crumpit....sort of)

Gray will - did...does... spin a whole theory of cleversounding mind/ soul / politics on his in fact very cynical assessment of ALL 'progress' in behaviour being tyrannical or as post JC second coming 'Marxist' - utopian bound to end up in tyranny

sounds fine... great films and culture about just that from 70s or before... " try and be better, but.. careful..a bit of goodness and  universal human rights appreciation almost always goes wonky  if you get a smidgin of power or authority, so CONSTANTLY double check your every action if you do get some... in that superb film Land of The Blind, for example HOWEVER always its 'military' high end society... nope that principle applies throughout even to the very very most beautiful people ...behind the counters at Natural Store type places...

always has always will

But Gray and his ilk essentially rewrite history.You dont need smart thinking to  remember the one greatest change of all. That certainly began true real progress. 1970... 1975 even, except in very refined circles 99% of Brits from age 15 or ish were getting pissed most weekend evenings and maybe thursday too..

i lived the 'transition'... underage drinking in my splendid local 5 km from my teenage hills,  Wynnstay ... 1979... probably a few years earlier it began  but my intro that year sneaking in...

beginning of the year the height of paradise was getting pissed on 3 or 4 pints... and we of course looked up to, noticed at least the average man  pissed on his 7 or 8 pints...and plenty of their birds subtly not far nehind on the vodka and oranges ...

by the end of that year almost all my group  about 25% of that pub...  we had stopped drinking and knew that that culture was destructive and all very sad... and ruined your mind.

Very mild grass sort of took its place, nothing else as there wasnt anything else and anyway we also knew that anything else would fuck you up as sure as their 8 pints were giving the rest rain damage..

True, real 'progress'.... and just as important we entirely saw through the military Industrial complex etc etc etc...and this wasnt 'student politics' - half of us also saw through no way do you get good education at universities so stay aside them...we wish to be fully educated in human beings.... 

Anyway to not mention this massive important real positive change (even if it has maybe gone backwards - not even the 8 pint men had more than maybe the occasional late night glass of spirits that many a teen now seems to brain damage with)  the 'culture' of brain damage and personality damage via loads of booze as almost default .. for a while being seen through and 'modernised' shows how truly unable to think these people have been since they created themselves from mid 90s...)

In fact do need a word for themselves ...wats dumbing down while spinning a plate high above everyones head? 

to be cont