Friday 24 November 2023


 the English i note (ed) became so worse than wver conformist.

I sit at times and watch their body language and especially the STUFF they all must have with them.

For decades my best moments, mode, energy, is in a sort out  and notes - review, tidy away, protect from elements,  in some travelin' small space mobile office 

but these days if  ones actions - such as even owning a book never mind leaving it in view on the dash, never mind working through notepads, are w en glompsed in such a manner they do not conform with their  Dry Robe consumetist exact little smug self realised perfect  chavvy bimbo plasticated picture of themselves... god they stare!
and thats just the blokes

I make art sometimes.... of such ...changes.....

I don't care, but i do know what 'change' means .. and where it goes...

when Ken Clarke says yestereve or was it weds " we really are up fiscal shitcreek without a paddle largest national debt in 70 good lretending otherwise"

and evwryone is addicted to pretending orherwise

Slavenka Draculic time.... eventually. To some extent at least... Thats what history says ....